JULY 18th 2020 

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The Answers You Need​
1. All teams must ensure they gain permission to play from their Football Association.
2. All age groups shall be as season 2019/2020.
3. All teams must be able to demonstrate registration of players, No players shall play for more than one team.
4. Academy and Development Centre teams will not be accepted.
5. Duration of matches will be twelve (12) minutes with no half time interval.
6. All players in each age group will receive a memento.
7. All clubs must be affiliated to a parent County Football Association.
8. Any player, club official or spectator who is cautioned or sent from the field of play shall have their name reported to their County Football        Association.
9. The festival committee reserve the right to alter or amend the rules or format if they deem it
    necessary. Any matters of dispute will be ruled over by the festival committee. The decision of the festival committee is final in all such              matters.
10.Canton Rangers Football Club does not accept any liability for injury to any persons, or loss or damage to personal effects (including               vehicles) belonging to or used by any competitor or spectator.
11.Overall behavior is the responsibility of all coaches, parents and players of each team.
     Playing Team and Squad Sizes Age Group Playing Team Squad Size (per team)
Mini Section
Under 6       4-a-side Maximum of 7 players
Under 7       4-a-side Maximum of 7 players
Under 8       5-a-side Maximum of 7 players
Under 9       6-a-side Maximum of 10 players
Under 10     7-a-side Maximum of 10 players
Under 11     8-a-side Maximum of 10 players
Playing Rules – Mini Section
 The mini section (Under 6 – Under 11) is open to boys and girls.
 There will be no winners or losers.
 There will be no offside and no penalties will be awarded.
 Substitutions will be a rolling basis, with no restriction on the number of changes.
 Free kicks will be indirect.
 Nearest player to be 5 yards away at kick off, free kicks and goal kicks.
 Goalkeepers are allowed to pick up a back pass.
 Under 8 and above: Goalkeepers cannot kick the ball from their hands.
   They must throw the ball or kick the ball from the ground.
 Every player must wear shin pads or they will be asked to leave the field of play.
 Games will be twelve (12) minutes with no half time. Games will be on a “round robin” basis.
 Matches in sessions will start and finish based on timed “hooter”.
 Normal rules of football will apply otherwise.
 Final playing rules will be available to teams in the festival programme.
Values and Behaviors
Canton Rangers believe that football should be played in a fun, fair and inclusive environment.
We educate and develop our coaches, players and parents to ensure they are respectable and responsible people and on and off the field. For that reason (and many others) we would ask you to follow the following code of behavior during our festival:
A player should:
 Set a positive example to others.
 Avoid all forms of gamesmanship and time-wasting.
 Show due respect to match officials and others involved in the game.
 Not use inappropriate language.
Team officials should:
 Set a positive example to others, particularly young players and supporters.
 Avoid all forms of gamesmanship.
 Show due respect to match officials and others involved in the game.
 Not use or tolerate inappropriate language.
 Accept the decisions of the match official without protest.
 Enforce these positive behavior and values within your own team.

Parents, Carers and Spectators:
The behavior of parents, carers and spectators has a significant bearing on a child’s attitude and behavior towards other players, officials and spectators.
  We hope to ensure that parents, carers and spectators are always positive and encouraging towards all children, not just their own.
  We will encourage parents, carers and spectators to:
 Applaud the opposition as well as their own team and think about how your support affects the
   children of the opposing team.
 Avoid coaching during the game.
 Avoid excessive shouting and screaming.
 Give attention and encouragement to each of the children involved not just the most talented.
                                    Please note, NO dogs and ALCOHOL are permitted within the festival zoned area.
Once you have received confirmation of entry at our festival, you will be required to contact
Mrs Emma Taylor ( and your local league secretary to grant permission for your club to attend our festival.
Both confirmations will need to be emailed to us before arrival. Email: